Wow, Hold...

Just wow.

Look what you let her in on your secret.

And she didn't lash out at you, didn't negate you--she confirmed she does what you see as pre-empting...

she validated and acknowledged.

And you got some kissing in, too.

You know you wouldn't feel giddy around her at all if you were in Withdrawal...if she wasn't meeting any of your Top ENs...

Let her be uncomfortable when you share compliments in "I" statements. She's tough. She can handle it.

RESPECT her more. And she has consciously chosen to NOT turn you down as often...stayed aware of her obvious way of rejecting...and now, because you shined a light on it, her unspoken ways of pre-rejecting you.

How are you going to bring more fun? When you guys were first dating, was the fun stuff you two did?