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Watch for what you cut out, off or don't allow. That's your job.

I know. I understand this all comes from my shame. But remember, I am quite willing to hide parts of myself if I judge that makes it more likely my marriage will continue, even if it also makes it likely that the marriage will continue to be unfulfilling.

Question: By hating yourself, you're hating God's art work...doesn't that get in the way of your relationship to the artist?

No, not at all. I figure God has plenty of justification for punishing me for all the bad choices I have made. I do not believe God created nothing bad or wrong or evil. I believe God created things that are flawed and weak and evil to serve as the landscape on which good people operate. So far, I have not made good choices, and I am reaping what I sow. I see nothing that disrespects God in that analysis.

When you can see it coming, duck!