If you are inexperianced, insecure, or clumsy in bed there may be nothing she likes FROM YOU. You have to put on an act for her in bed:

1. You are totally experianced with many woman
2. You are the stud women want
3. You are totally confident and try various things
4. You DEMAND a response from her with your hands
5. Your face, your hands, your body....ARE ALL TOTALLY CONFIDENT
6. What you do and how you touch her are utterly confident
7 You are the MAN, confident and secure
8. NOTHING she says or does has any effect on your wonderful bedroom confidence
9. You WILL be able to please her and have her begging for more. Tell her this. "You will beg for more after tonight, honey" even if she laughs it will get her mind going.

Besides basic knowledge of female anatomy you have to do and have the above attitudes. No woman wants a man who fumbles around or otherwise displays his bedroom insecurity. It is a real turn off. If you cannot be confident, try lightly restraining her hands or tying them. Then make love to her. That always puts YOU in the driver seat. You WILL do what you want with her! Women love that, maybe she would like it. Maybe not.