Here is something you can try at home while you are alone. Try making love with your a soft fruit.

1. Try it gently
2. Try it lovingly
3. Try it confidently, you WILL pleasure that fruit!
4. Try it roughly, you will force that fruit to enjoy1
5. Try it gently and teasingly
6. Try it with a cute technique, and then confidently and roughly
7. Vary the techniques and end with gently
8. Have your hands exude total confidence
9. Have that fruit begging for more
10. Tell that fruit it will be screaming your name!
11. Manipulate that fruit as if you have done it 1000 times before!
12. Show the fruit you know EXACTLY how to turn it on. (even if you dont)
13. Often a woman gets turned on by a man who acts AS IF he knows how to turn her on.
14. Pretend you are highly experianced in turning women, and fruit on.

Hands alone can show a lot of emotion when touching a partner in bed. You want that emotion to show CONFIDENCE, CARING, AND SKILL>

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