Are you are asking me to describe how important each of those is to me, or how well I feel Mrs. Hold and I relate in these areas? I guess I will provide both.

Sexual Intimacy
Importance 10, Implementation 1

Emotional Intimacy
Importance 8, Implementation 8

Intellectual Intimacy (Closeness in the world)
Importance 6, Implementation 7

Aesthetic Intimacy (Sharing experiences of beauty)
Importance 4, Implementation 4

Creative Intimacy (Sharing in acts of creating together)
Importance 4, Implementation 2
Well, except as involves our kids, which I would rate as
Importance 10 and Implementation 9.

Recreational Intimacy (Relating in experiences of fun and play)
Importance 5, Implementation 5

Work Intimacy (The closeness of sharing common tasks)
Importance 3, Implementation 1

Crisis Intimacy (Closeness in coping with problems and pain)
Importance 5, Implementation 2

Conflict Intimacy (Facing and struggling with differences)
Importance 8, Implementation 2

Commitment Intimacy (Mutuality derived from common self-investment)
Importance 7, Implementation 5

Spiritual Intimacy (The we-ness in sharing ultimate concerns)
Importance 5, Implementation 3

Communication Intimacy (The source of all types of true intimacy)
Importance 8, Implementation 1

Note that Communication implementation is where we are today, when we share very little. In the past I was much more open. I feel Mrs. Hold has never been very open, but in her defense I think she is as closed with herself and other people as she is with me.

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