Recreational Intimacy (Companionship) can hit four or more of the intimacies by accident.


I'm wondering if you would choose to ask MrsHold for 10 hours of UA a week...where you plan on you both seeing something new, doing something new, playing together?

Not to work on your marriage or to get SF or to fix that hole in you...just because you can.

And you can.

It's a choice...think up four things to do in one week together...anything from driving to an unseen neighborhood, parking and taking a walk going to an archery range. Only thing--you aren't allowed for one second to talk yourself out of, talk yourself down, or criticize any part of the plan.

Not before, during or after.

And plan to go ahead and do the four things even if MrsHold says no...ask for her to offer up four things each week for you guys to do together.

Use the resentment to get back at ways of getting back to her.

See if you can trick yourself into having an interesting Spring...because the video games will be there next winter. They wait for ya.