Had a nice talk with Mrs. Hold today. I made a joke about how skinny she is and how she is now so bony and there is no soft pillow to squeeze anymore. Her thighs are firm from all the spinning she does. She said "you wanted this." I said "I support you in this, I am proud of what you have accomplished, but you signed up for this yourself."

She said "yes, but you always said you wanted a beautiful wife." I replied "yes, and I have one, and you are right that I would not have married you if you had been heavy when we first met." She said "but now that you know me ...". More on that comment later.

I said "Now it is different. Your being thin is not an unadulterated good thing. First of all it gives you more opportunities to find another man." She made a face. I said "I don't think you are looking to cheat. I don't. Even though there are things about sex with someone else that would be emotionally easier for you. Even though the sex would be better than the sex we have. I still don't think you have any intention of cheating." She said that is true, she doesn't.

I continued "nevertheless, your being thin isn't an unadulterated good thing. It was back before we got married. I liked having a beautiful thin partner. But now our sex life is lousy. And you being thin makes you more tempting. And my being hot for you is no longer a good thing. So while I like you being thin. It is not only good. Because it makes me want you more. And that is not a good thing for me."

I left to get ready to shower. She was on her way out to go spinning. I stopped her and said "that part about now that I know you, did you mean now that I know you and realize how wonderful you are I would want you even if you were heavy?" She hesitated to reply. She said "you overanalyze". I said "I just wanted to say that if that is what you meant, that shows healthy self esteem, kudos to you for having good self esteem." She said "oh". And seemed pleased. Then she left.

When you can see it coming, duck!