Well, curious how the world works. I sorta got my answer. Yesterday was her annual gyn exam. Pap smear. Doc says "hmmm, the swab is bloody. That always happens with you. You must have a vein right on the surface of your cervix. I bet you bleed when you have sex." Mrs. Hold replied "no, I married a nice Jewish man, not a porn star, so it is not an issue."

I explained to her that my physical limitations may affect what kind of sex we have, but we still need to work together to make sure sex is physically pleasurable for her. She did not commit to anything. I didn't expect her to.

But at least we got confirmation that my sense of inadequacy is not totally imaginary. Then again, if I were a more optimistic and self-confident person, I would look on this as an advantage. At least I don't make her bleed every time!

Also, last night we saw a commercial for the new Tina Fey / Steve Carrell movie. Tina's character says "I think we are going to get whacked off". He replies "I think we might get bumped off, but I doubt we will get whacked off". I asked her if she whacks off. She said no and blushed and curled her chin into her neck in her "I am embarrassed" body position. I said in a laughing tone of voice "maybe you should". I should have thanked her for sharing.

When you can see it coming, duck!