Will ask Mrs. Hold how she feels about the jokes. You may be correct. She may be touchier than she generally admits.

Told her about lunch with my buddy. Said I was happy in a wierd way to hear that he isn't having much sex. Told her I figured if he, who is better looking and richer than me, can't convince his wife to have sex with him, then I shouldn't feel so bad about not being able to get my wife to have sex with me. First she replied that he doesn't care as much as I do. I informed her that it is the #1 problem in their marriage and he is close to getting divorced over it. She said it is pathetic that I care so much about sex and that I feel good because he feels bad. I said many guys, including my buddy, care alot about sex. And that I don't feel good because he feels bad. I feel good because it can't be completely about my inadequacy if he, who is much less inadequate, also can't make it happen for himself.

I also talked about how my buddy is much more sensitive and less of a selfish jerk than I half expected him to be by this point. How he can't bring himself to pull the trigger on divorcing his wife despite the lack of sex and her weight gain and her heavy drinking. He has questions and doubts and fears. Hmmm, maybe that is why he and I get along?

Anyway, Mrs. Hold make it clear she thinks I am scum for continuing to care about sex. So maybe my sex jokes do bother her more than she communicates at the time. I'll ask her.

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