IMO, the reason you are unwilling to put forth effort in meeting her ENs is because she reneged on her commitments to meet your ENs, time and time again.

For you to put more time and effort into meeting her ENs while squelching your EN for SF (and that's what it is - it is neither more nor less pure than any other man's need for SF, and THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT) would be you doing an extended Plan A. Which is NOT advised.

You've done your "Plan A." She didn't reciprocate. You know the next step... and the risks are too great for you right now, you prefer to maintain the marriage while the kids are still at home.

So, I wonder if there are any other options, according to MB? I doubt the MB advice would be for you to keep meeting (or re-start your efforts in meeting) her ENs while denying your own.

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