Except that she only wants to be left alone sexually. Otherwise, she wants interaction. I want a package deal. Interaction and SF.

And according to MB, you should strive for the package deal.

IOW it is not advised to continue meeting ENs without getting your own met.

IOW sacrifice, martyrdom, is NOT building a healthy marriage.

Letting your spouse know of your complaints IS.

Maybe your humor (which I love, BTW, it seems others are offended, so it just depends on your W's tastes) is your way of trying to broach the subject. Does it seem to be working? Does your W seem like she's hearing you, or does she seem offended? You've posted about some excellent times that you were O&H with her. I encourage you to keep that up. I encourage you to let her know that you've already tried doing your part, and you do not intend to be a martyr to meet her ENs.


me - 47 tired
H - 39 cool
married 2001
DS 8a think
DS 8b :crosseyedcrazy:
(Why is DS7b now a blockhead???)
(Ack! Now he's not even a blockhead, just a word! That's no fun!)