I remember trying to coax a student to do somethin in class. He was espcially skeptical of music, being a tough, cool 4th grader. But he had a good voice. He said, "Can I come play the drum set at lunch if I sing?" I said yes. So when the group sang a song, he sang. Then, when we started the next song, he sat with his arms folded. I walked up to him and said aftly (while the others were singing), "Why aren't you singing? We had a deal." He said, "I did sing." I said, "One more song, and I'll have you come and play the drums." No, you won't, Mrs. Luri." "Why do you say that?" "My mom always says just one more thing, but she never does what she says she'll do."

That what I thought of reading one of your earlier posts, hold. And I totally get it. When you have been told - essentially - just once more and I'll do..... and then once more never ends, and the other end of the deal never comes.....It's disheartening. And hearing that you need to do it longer or better or more sincerely is infuriating. Because you already know what will happen...nothing.

I know you have read the When to Call It Quits articles, and I know you want to stay until your kids are grown. It's like a catch 22. I am sorry you are in this position.