I got another update smile Earlier today, I got messaged from my husband and he at first just was very cold and mean. He signed back off but then came back on about 5 minutes later. I took this as a sign as he wanted to talk. I messaged him and he said apparently I wasn't clear enough that I was done talking to you, I sent him back a message telling him I don't know what is wrong I have not done anything wrong and we just went back and forth, So i asked him what about messages I sent him and he said that they were for dinner with somebody and coming over to our house. I told him that I could have been meaning to message our friend who I have over and her husband is currently deployed with my husband as well. I just kept asking him the questions that he threw at me in the email on Friday. He kept answering them and I reassured him that I love him and only him and I'd just never do something like that. By the end of the conversation, he was almost his self but at least we are talking and he is seeing the light. Also, he said that when I went to South Carolina, to see my friend her husband told my husband that I went there so she could watch my kids, and then she came down 2 weeks later and he said again that my wife is going to help watch her kids. The weekend she came down, I had minor surgery and she did help me with the kids but I was at home. Its just coming down to people are not giving him what I am actually doing and telling him something other then what I am actually doing (if that makes sense) So right now, my husband and I are on speaking terms, I feel so much better talking to him and seeing what is actually bugging him. As for me, I am going to watch who i talk to and who I speak to and watch what I post on my Facebook account because everything is getting twisted, luckily we are strong enough to get past this and go back to the way things were.

Me BS 31
XWH 31

2 sons 12,6
1 daughter 9

First D Day 6/27/05
NC 6/27/05

Discovery of many affairs in 2011

Filed for Divorced Feb. 2012, currently waiting for divorce to be final!!