Hi Jeff,

It sounds like you understand exposure, you need to do this.
Affairs thrive on secrecy, as you've seen.
Contact the OM's BW.
Being in the army doesn't exclude people from the consequences of adultery.

It doesn't matter that you promised not to expose, things change.
WW promised to forsake all others, you are not doing your M any good by adhering to a promise that
enables the destruction of your M.
You say that you want to save your M, it's time to do what is necessary.
Be prepared for WW to be furious, that will fade. Ignore her rants.

You've got the added challenge of being separated right now.
I have no suggestions for you there, sorry.

Others will be along to advise.
Since it's the weekend and it will be slow, bump your thread up occasionally.
This means posting on your thread thereby moving it to the top of the list.
(it took me awhile to figure out what 'bump' meant when I first got here)

I'm sorry that you are here, many of us understand the hell that you are in.

Welcome to MB!

M'd 22 years
D-Day 08/08 LTA