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Normal WW response. Anger then threaten you. WW can send you all the papers she wants and you do not have to sign them. This shows that they fear exposure. Hoping that their threats stop you from exposing any further.

If WW complains again that you will be ruining her career. You just say you did not do anything. You did not have an affair. You did not break regulations. You did not force WW to have an affair. WW chose to break rules that will damage her career. It was her choices and actions.

How has exposing to the military going?

You must not stop exposing. You must tell the OMW, and his parents as well.

I'm jumping through hoops trying to contact the OMW. It's tough since I'm here in Afghanistan. I've recruited a few people in their area to help me track her down.

I've drafted the letter to their commanders, and mine. It's one letter for everyone, it outlines how the affair began, how they reacted when confronted, and presents the phone logs as proof. I doubt it's enough proof to get anyone in real trouble (that practically takes sworn statements of admission from the involved parties) but hopefully it will motivate them to seriously counsel these two.