Yesterday Mrs. Hold said "I know we can't afford to go on the kind of vacation I want this year. How about we go away for a long weekend locally this year and do the big trip next summer? You could set aside money from your paycheck each week and have a bunch saved up by next summer."

Doesn't address our credit card debt, but at least she is offering a reality-based solution. I was very happy to hear this. First time I have felt like I had a financial partner rather than an adversary in the past 10 years. Told her so. She was upset to hear I have felt alone and beset for 10 years, but glad to hear I liked her suggestion.

Mrs. Hold is in NY today seeing a movie with MY mom (yesterday was nephew's b-day so we were all together but kids and I drove home last night for S15's b-ball game). My wife stayed over my sister's so she could spend the day with my mom. Good, I guess.

When you can see it coming, duck!