You said
But she almost always ended up saying I was a great person, she feels terrible for what she's put me through, and I deserve to be with another great person, not someone like her.
Well, at least she got something right in all of this. smile

There is a famous saying that you really need to take on board in your mind.
The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.

Despite all of her yelling and screaming, you need to realize she is still attached to you at least a little. Exposure almost AWLWAYS brings the reaction you are seeing, and when her CO and people in the command chain get ahold of he and OM, then there really will be screaming and there should be. You are taking away crack from an addict and they don't like you messing with their addiction.

Since this happened before in OCS, I am betting the ARmy will not be very "sensitve" to their positions on this as being just friends. Further, if you have emails detailing what she has told you and said to you, keep them and make them available to the chain of command.

I would again like to suggest that you see the chaplain on your post. You will probably need a real person to talk to and talk out many things.

Hang in there, the war has just begun and this is just the first battle. Focus on yourself and your job right now.

God Bless,