Well she wrote me again, accusing me of threatening her, and being use under-handed sneaky attack-mode tactics with her family and friends. She says they have rallied to her support over all of this, and encouraged her to file for divorce immediately, and that her mother fears that I might physically harm her. (Absolutely ludicrous, I've never been a violent person in any regard. She says I told them a half-story and that once they heard what she had to say they would never be on my side.

She finished with: "At least you have made this all easier for me, cuz there is definitely no way we are going to work it out now, and I will be hard put trying to regret not being married to someone who seems to have completely jumped off the deep end of crazy. "

If there is another half to this story, I simply don't know it. I didn't lie or tell any half-truths to her family or friends.

She also sent: "I will send you those t-shirts tomorrow if you still need them. I'm doing this because you are deployed and your parents do not have access to them. Don't take this as some sort of sign that we are all going to be peachy after all of this"

I replied with: "Thank you for sending the t-shirts. I'm sorry you feel like me telling the entire truth about what I know is under-handed. I haven't lied about anything, and have tried to be fully open and honest with you and everyone else involved, for the sake of our marriage and my own integrity. "