Good Morning Jeff!

Everything she said in her e-mail(s) is just smoke and mirrors... she's lashing out at you because she knows her little fantasy is about to burst.

Your reply was good. It would have been better if you'd said:

"Thanks for the T-shrits."

Again, I know it's hard, but try to stay away from ANY relationship discussions. You're not going to sway her at all by trying to reason with her. Just show her kindness and nothing more. Don't get baited into the "Yes I am" - "No you're no" discussions.

Her friend and family MAY be on her side, but for now, they are of no concern to you. Your first priority is exposing the A to their Cdrs. I suspect that your W is in severe damage control mode with her friends and family and is spinning everything in HER favor. Again, don't get into arguments or try to sway her family... they aren't the main effort here...

Later on this evening their Cdr's should be reading your e-mail and that's when the fantasy bubble is going to pop! Sit back and get ready for some more hateful e-mails... Here are a few samples that you MIGHT see:

"Well, you've done it now... my career is finished. I hope you're happy!"

"I'll never forgive you!"

"You just blew your last chance with me!"

"I can't believe that I ever loved you"

...and if she really wants to get really nasty with you, be prepared for some sexual details from her A about how "good" the OM is and how "horrible" you are, blah blah blah blah... it will only be an attempt to "hurt" you. Yes, those comments will hurt, but recognize them for what they are... a poor attempt to lash out at the person that just spoiled her "fun"...

Don't buy into any of her drivle... Like JL said, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference!

You are doing great here! I would keep snooping and see if you can expose this A to the OM's wife. OM will most likely tell his W that some nut-job is telling lies about him and now it's affecting his job (OM's motive: throw hiw W off the trail that he's been a bad boy, and make himself out to be the victim)

If you can get actual proof (remember those e-mails I asked you about) to OM's wife, I suspect that you will nail the coffin shut on the OM... Career down the tubes, and you'll have another set of "eyes" to keep OM away from your W.

I've got to head to work in a little bit. We're 1.5 hrs behind you here in Iraq so I won't have a chance to get back on until later on this evening... by then, we sould be able to see some smoke from your e-mails.

Semper Fi,


Me, BS

Her, Forgiven

Married Dec 86

Multiple A's that ended '90

Rebuilding In Faith since then...

Currently deployed to Iraq, but TEXAS is Home!