For sure.
Don't reply to her insane criticisms and raving lunacy.
Don't talk relationship talk.

If you do interact with her, DO present your best self. Try to meet her ENs as much as you can. Avoid LBs. As furious as she is, and as addicted to OM as she is, you won't be making any deposits in her LB$... but you can be presenting yourself as an attractive spouse.

Right now she's telling herself every little thing you ever did wrong, plus she's making up a few. And she's telling herself how wonderful OM is and how you've cheated her out of "true looove".

Your job is to avoid giving her more fuel for her insane self-talk. Be an attractive spouse (meet ENs). Avoid LBs. Don't talk relationship talk.

GREAT job on exposure. Did you ever get hold of OM's wife?