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Mortarman was a former poster on here He said:

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The IG is a great tool, that not many people take advantage of. Why is it a great tool? Well, first off, it is against the law in the military. Second, the IG is not in the chain of command. The IG works directly for the Commanding General. So, unlike some commands that sweep some things under the rug, the IG wont (and cannot) sweep ANYTHING under the rug. They must investigate.

In my opinion, after 4 years as an IG, that if you are a spouse of a military member, or the OP is a member of the military, then the UCMJ is your friend!! By going to the IG, the WS or OP's commander will be ordered by the commanding general to take action. At the very least, the adulterous service member will be ordered not to have anything to do with the person they are sleeping with until they are divorced. And if they ignore that order? Well, that's jail time and a dishonorable discharge. At best, if the two infidels are in the chain of command with each other, then they will be court marshaled.

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Perhaps RIF will have something to say about IG Corp and the possibility of using that route if Command won't do anything as a result of your exposure to them currently. Keep in mind that if there is no solid proof as it exists, IG will investigate and Command can investigate, if I understand what mortarman has said.