Hey Jeff,

On my lunch break and thought I'd check in...

By all means, DO NOT REPLY to her e-mail!!! You knew this was coming, and in about 4-5 more hours, the e-mails will really start flying!!! twoxfour You'll be the worst person walking the face of the earth once her adultery is exposed.

You are correct in that in order to charge someone under Article 134 (Adultery) that they will eiter need a signed confession or photos of the act. That's why I suggested providing your e-mail correspondence between your W and you to the respective Cdrs. I suspect that your W and the OM both are both "smart" enough to NOT correspond with each other on a government computer, but you never know.

If the Cmdr starts the Article 32 investigation, the investigating officer will more than likely "search" your W's computer and the OM's computer. Pretty much standard procedure in an investigation like this. IF they were stupid enough to use their govt. computer for their little "lurve chats", then the invesigation will bear this out.

At a minimum, they will both have been exposed for conduct unbecoming of an officer (a violation of Article 133). They will also most likely be ordered to cease all contact by phone, person, e-mail, etc.... so this will really bust up her affair bubble!

Again, prepare yourself for the angry hateful e-mails, because they will be heading your way in about 4-5 hrs. Don't let these e-mails get you down. You know what to expect... You've got the enemy's order of battle and you know their next move...

I would still highly recommend getting the OM's wife's name and address and expose the A to her ASAP! She will be one of your biggest allies in ensuring NC. (Think about it, SHE's the one that's going to be penalized if dear hubby gets himself kicked out of the Army with 19.5 years and no retirement!!!) rotflmao

...a nice thought for OM, but sad for his family... but hey, I have no compassion for a brother "officer" that would mess around with another soldier's wife while he's deloyed, so if that's the price OM has to pay, then so be it. (please, no RIF you're just mean comments!)

Semper Fi,


Me, BS

Her, Forgiven

Married Dec 86

Multiple A's that ended '90

Rebuilding In Faith since then...

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