Hi Jeff,

Please use the following contact information and call/e-mail the Ft. Polk IG now!!!

Explian your situation to them and ask them to please represent you to the Commanding General since you are part of HIS command, even though you are deployed. Let them know that you've tried to go thorugh your C-of-C, but haven't been able to contact your Company Cdr, or BN Cdr... Also CC your downrange Cdr/OIC in the contact e-mail.

Be as specific as you can with who, what, when, and where... again, this is a MISSION READINESS issue and they WILL take this seriously.

I suspect that you will get some quick results!

Semper Fi,


Inspector General

1878 15th Street, Bldg 1943

Fort Polk, LA 71459
To contact us:
Phone: (337) 531-2100/7878

DSN: 863-2100/7878

Fax: (337) 531-4695

E-mail: polk.ig@conus.army.mil
Department of the Army IG


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