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I have no way to get the OM wife's address. I have her name, I know they're at Fort Sill (so on post or in Lawton, OK) but I can't get anything better than that. I've even tried some of "people search" web sites where I paid to do a thorough search. The only way I'm going to get a hold of her is if I can find someone @ Fort Sill that knows her, or can find her.

Her friend that I talked to at length 2 nights ago un-friended me on facebook without warning or correspondence. This is after we discussed everything and she agreed to talk to my wife to get her side. I'm now seriously wondering what my WW is telling people I've done.

There are PI's or information websites (intellius.com) that can track down this information and much more for about $150 or less. I definitely would not give up so easy on finding OMW. She can be the biggest ally at ending the affair.

Also, what are the rules about taping conversations in the military? If she would never put anything in writing, can you get her to admit it on the phone and use that as evidence? I know you are in Afghanistan where there aren't Radio Shack's readily available, but I'm sure you could figure out something, like recording on speaker or having someone back home send you a recorder.

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