There's no way they'll get convicted of Adultery. There's just no evidence for that.

I agree 100%!!!

The first investigation that I did resulted in four senior NCO's each receiving a General Officer Letter of Reprimand. They basically all stuck to the same story throughout the investigation, but there was enough circumstatial evidence to warrant the G.O. letters... None of those NCO's will ever be promoted.

The second investigation involved a LTC and a civilian. This one was a little "strange" because the female civilan accused the LTC of rape. The LTC got scared and "confessed" to consensual sex in a combat zone which was a violation of GO#1. He received a General Officer Letter of Reprimand, and was immediately sent home with an "Atlas" OER. He is now divorced, and retired from the reserves. The civilan female was sent home and I don't know what happend to her.

Your goal in all of this is to expose the A in order to end it. It's only human nature to want the OM to pay dearly for his actions, but I wouldn't worry too much about him.... he's going to have his hands full trying to explain things to his own wife and kids!

I know that the others have warned you, as have I, but I can't stress this enough... Don't take the incoming e-mails from your W to heart!!! Don't reply to any of her e-mails and try to 'defend' yourself. If you reply, you might just say something like "I love you sweetie and I will do whatever it takes to save our marriage" Love - Jeff4187

Do a search on "things WW's say" and "reverse babble" and you'll probably have a pretty good list of things that your W will say to you... You can even make a list and start checking them off as she says them! As for the reverse babble, these are things that you can say that will reinforce your stand for saving the M, and it will confuse her to no end!

As for "loosing my mind" during Mrs. RIF's A's... yep, been there done that and got lots of T-shirts! I didn't have MB or anyone to talk with when I was dealing with her A's, and I told myself that if I ever "got through this" that someday, I would help others... Thats why I stick around here and pop in from time to time.

Mrs. RIF and I have a passionate, loving marriage that I never dreamed we would have way back in 1987... It took lots or hard work, lots or tears, lots or hurt and pain, and the grace of Christ, to rebuild our marriage... so even though you feel like nothing will "ever be the same" again, it can be as long as both of you are willing to work at it.

Exposure is the first step in your rebuilding process... Take things one day at at time and please keep us posted on the exposure process.

It's almost 2300hrs in A-Stan and 2130hrs here in Iraq... I'll be up for a little bit longer, but will check back with you in the morning.

Semper Fi,


Me, BS

Her, Forgiven

Married Dec 86

Multiple A's that ended '90

Rebuilding In Faith since then...

Currently deployed to Iraq, but TEXAS is Home!