Listen to the folks here. Let me also say, that those emails that you don't want to send, are exactly what they will need. Why? YOu are in a combat zone. Your W is in the military and she KNOWS about readiness and combat situations. If she sent you emails ripping your guts out, that does not reflect well on her as a person and even worse on her as an member of the military.

RIF is telling you what MortarMan would tell you. Your goal is not necessarily to get them thrown out of the military although I share RIF's view of what OM is doing and actually what your W has done. Neither of them should be in the military in my humble opinion. However, what she has sent, her requests for you to call because she doesn't want to put it in writing all lead to the conclsion that IF she is willing to rip your guts out in an email, but in willing to put something in writing, it is probably illegal and she is covering her A$$, as well as OM's A$$.

Think about it.

God bless,


PS: Listening to you and RIF is making me feel old. smile I had the horrible thought yesterday while reading your post. It will be 43 years next month since I was commistioned. I simply cannot be that old. faint You are doing well Jeff.

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