I changed my display name for discretion purposes.

The above comments were in an online chat, not over the phone. I haven't been answering the phone when she calls. I was extremely hesitant to even reply to her chats, and I told her I didn't think we should talk right now, but she should know that I love her and I'm fighting for our marriage. She continued to spew venom, I continued to be positive and say I was fighting for the marriage.

She sent me an email explaining how easy the divorce would be for her, and how I couldn't stop her, and by the way, she wants "her" dog. He was a dog that we bought together, and he lived with us for 1 years. Then with my parents for 6 months, then her for 6 months, then me for 6 months, and now my parents for 6 months. All his moving around has been because of both of us being in the Army and in training or deployed.

She knows how much I love that dog, and how much he loves me. I used to always tell her when we were having to live apart (and she couldn't have him at her apartment) that he was the only thing that kept me sane without her there. Very mean to threaten our dog.