My best guess, based on what you've told us, and previous experience as an investigating officer is this:

1 - No contact order to OM and W
2 - Investigation will show inappropriate behavior, but not adultery.
3 - Investigation will, at a minimum, show a violation of Article 92.


OM will be forced to retire, or if not, will never make another promotion. Oh, and he will at a minimum receive a General Officer Letter of Reprimand (filed in his permanent file)

Wife will receive a General Officer Letter of Reprimand. Her letter may be filed locally, which means that it will be removed when she changes duty stations... or it may be filed permanently, which will, in effect, end her career.

If the Command really want's to make an "example" of them, they may also give them a Field Grade Article 15 (on top of the GOLOR)... they can take up to one (1) months pay and 60 days restriction and 45 days extra duty... I've never seen an officer receive an Article 15 in all my 25 years in the military... but it can be done.

Now, they will be given an option of requesting a court-martial instead of the Article 15... if only they were dumb enough to do that! I also think that they could be administratively discharged "for the good of the service" and if this happened, it would most likely be "Under Other than Honorable" conditions... an OTH isn't as bad as a BCD or the worst, a Dishonorable Discharge...

What I've told you might not be 100% accurate, so if you're really interested, go talk with one of the JAG officers at your FOB/Base...

Keep your head up and don't fall for her "tricks"!!!

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