I don't know, the more I think about it, the less sense it makes. Military stay at home wives are very well taken care of in the event of divorce. They get a huge chunk of their husband's paycheck, child support, a piece of his retirement, etc. But I suppose there's also the "what would mom and dad think" factor.

Then don't think of it. Can she get a huge chunk of his retirement if he got dishonorably discharged and lost it? She has her children's financial welfare and house payments to worry about. Saving your marriage is not her top priority.

When you guys talk about exposing to the OM's parents, how the heck do you find out who they are?

Oh, you spying novice. smirk I found my OM's parents at intellius.com. I knew he was from NH, so when I did an intellius FREE search on him, a couple of names of relatives popped up. Then I took those names and did a white pages search in NH for the relative. Sure enough, I got a hold of his dad on the first try, and I paid nothing. $50-100 at intellius.com will get you whatever you need to know about the guy, relatives names and numbers, old addresses, etc.


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