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And RIF, what if my wife is in a career field that requires a TS\SCI clearance... and she doesn't have it yet?

Hi Gerkaguards,

I have been following this morning and I must say you are doing amazingly well. I wish I had had the strength to do all you are doing when it was my turn and my WW started her antics while I was deployed.

I am a Navy Officer Intel type and have been around for about 22 years in the TS/SCI world. A lot of your wife's clearance issues are unclear. If they have already completed her investigation before all this came out but it is awating adjudication, she prob will get her clearance.

If they have not, then this may affect it unless she loses OM, and "testifies" to the SSO that it is over and she is returning to her husband and expresses remorse that she made such a horrible mistake.

Once charged or investigated she will be expected to "self-report" to the SSO of what has happened. She will have to show how she has made changes to mitigate the situation. If there is a judgement or LOR, it will be reported for her, so she better race to the SSO herself to beat the report.

Bottom line, unless she ends it with OM she will lose, or not get, her clearance, point in your favor.

The biggest concern with these clearances are that people have something they are ashamed of and could be blackmailed into doing things to keep the secret private.

If they kicked out every intel person that was cheating on their spouse they would kick out about half the community I am sorry to say. It is why the divorce rate in the intel community is so very high.