Since I'm such a nice guy, I'll walk you through the process of finding his parents.

1) First, go to Type in his name and where he lives. Let's say his name is John Schmidt and he lives in Missouri (I just made this up). This is what the FREE search would come back with. You can then find the names of his relatives.

Intellius Search

2) If you need to go further because you don't know where he's from, just click on the "View Details" button and it will bring you to a pay page.

3) A "People Search Report" costs only $0.95 and gives you: Full Name, Address, Age & DOB, Phone Number, Relatives, Address, History, Avg. Income, & Home Value. See the sample below:

People Search Report

4) A "24 Hour Pass" for $14.95 will give you that access to anyone for 24 hours, including his relatives.

5) A "Background Report" for $39.95 will give you everything in the "People Search Report" plus Criminal Check, Lawsuits, Bankrupcies, Judgments, Marriages, Divorces, Liens, Aliases, Death Records, and Neighbors. Example below:

Background Report


BS - 32 (me)
FWW - 33
Married 8/31/03
No kids (but 3 cats)
D-Days - 8/25/06 (EA), 11/3/06 (PA)
NC agreed to - 11/8/06
NC broken - 11/28/06, 12/16/06, 1/18/07, 1/26/07, 1/27/07
Status - In Recovery
Jim's Story