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She's at Fort Huachuca, he's at Fort Sill. Only 0430 at Fort Huachuca yet.

I wonder if she hasn't been counseled by her civilian divorce attorney or a judge advocate not to speak to me anymore.

Hey Gerka,

In a marriage with a middle schooler. Indeed! Taking the car off the insurance? Audible.com change passwords?
Think of the look on a baby's face when you rip the lollipop out of its mouth. She is just acting out trying to get your attention and get you angry like RIF says. Pay no attention. No matter what she says be nice, and it's always I am just doing what i believe is necessary to save our marriage. Period. You are doing great!


I just noticed that she changed our bank information to "separated." So she doesn't show up as my spouse anymore. I also notice that she added her father as a "step-child," though I guess that could have happened a while ago.

So filing for divorce and taking steps separate all of our finances is a typical response in this kind of situation? It just seems unlikely for things to go back in the other direction from here...