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She has a massive scar in her psyche. This is going to be there for a loooooong time. She will have a constant craving for attention from men. She has a low self esteem to buck up her feeligns. When you're gone, she will seek that elsewhere. My exww, with similar issues to yours, sought friendships with men and turned away from friendships with women, who she didn't trust.

Your WW will seek the attention of men every time she's alone and you deploy. She hates being alone and will always crave that attention. She does it because she's broken inside and is very insecure.

Very true words above. I am no psychiatrist but I believe HTLD is probably right here. I also think there may be a possibility that there was an OM in Germany due to the strange way that seemed to go down.

You broke up, and then decided to get married all of a sudden? You supported her in a fancy apartment in Dallas so she didn't work and could go full time to school?

This seems to be a marriage of convenience for her and it seems to me like she may have been manipulating you all along. The Military can be very hard on marriages, but in my case as well, when you separate from a woman that craves the attention of men like my WW, it is a recipe for sure disaster.

I like your attitude that you are trying now, in part, so that you will always be able to honestly say that you gave it your all; I did the same thing.

Her world is going to blow up soon. She will possibly return to you with tears in her eyes asking for your forgiveness...and support. Then the next OM comes along next deployment?

Just thinking out loud. Keep on with the MB plan, but with your eyes open.