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Also, how did you ever find out it was physical? Did she admit to it at some point?

Yes, she told me during her first one day "break down" where she was saying she loves me and wants to try marriage counseling and work on our marriage. She said they had sex at OCS, and that she was able to climax from it. She said that she used to with me, but over time she's felt like I'm less and less attracted to her and so she's been faking it because she's not into it. Keep in mind her sex drive outstrips my own, and when together initiation is usually 50\50 on both our parts.

During her 3 day "break down" where she read marriage builders, ordered the books, we both filled out the EN questionnaire, and I filled out a personal history (she didn't finish hers before she reverted back to the OM.) Her questionnaire put sexual satisfaction as her 3rd need, with her satisfaction with me as a 2. Her explanation was that she was no longer able to climax from sex because she feels that I'm not attracted to her.

Still, rough stuff to hear. I'm always telling her how sexy she is, how beautiful she is, how much I enjoy our sex life, buying her lingerie, etc. I think that her sexual satisfaction was probably impacted by her lack of feeling connected to me, via communication and affection, which she was instead having with the OM. Her memory of "bad things" in our marriage focuses primarily on things that have occurred while she was having the affair.

I've never had complaints about lack of sexual satisfaction before from other women. We're both very experienced people, me from high school\college days, and her from middle school through college. I've been with about 50 partners, she's been with about 30. So I didn't rush into marriage because of her hypersexuality, or because she was the first woman I've had sex with.