She specifically said she sent the papers with the waiver I would have to sign in order to waive my right to personal jurisdiction (basically accept that I've been served.)

If she is sending you a waiver (and divorcing in Texas) DO NOT SIGN THAT WAIVER. Yes, it is a waiver of service but it can also be a waiver of your rights to be notified of any future hearings, etc. In other words, she could get your signed waiver, file it with the court, wait 60 days and then go to the courthouse WITHOUT YOU or notice to you and prove up her divorce. You could be divorced within 60 days of the date you sign the waiver.

Force her to personally serve you. Also, I believe that in Texas if you are active duty stationed overseas, any divorce action would be put on hold. Not 100% sure about that but I am SURE about the waiver. I'll check the rules.

Widowed 11/10/12 after 35 years of marriage
In a sense now, I am homeless. For the home, the place of refuge, solitude, love-where my husband lived-no longer exists. Joyce Carolyn Oates, A Widow's Story