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Hey Gurka,
Just wanted to remind you of something... ALL of us are "wired" to commit adultery.

One of the things that MB did for Mrs. RIF and I was that it showed us that we BOTH needed to place specific boundaries within our M to make sure that we protect it at all times... that's why spending time together is so critical to the MB program.

Stay focused on ending the A and don't worry about the things that you can't control right now...

Semper Fi,


What RIF said. I really get lathered up when all survivors of childhood abuse get tagged with crap like "damaged, self-esteem problems, seeking out men/terrified of men, don't trust men/women," blah blah blah. Do not distract yourself with her childhood issues right now. Right now you need to get her back with you and establish NC. Oy vey. mad

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