So I should be waiting to hear from my WW, right?

Hi Gurka,

I wouldn't be "waiting" as in waiting for a package to arrive... In other words, I suspect that you WILL hear from her at some point in time but try not to put a timelimit or timeframe on it.

I know this is hard, but try not to think:

"Ok, if I hear from her the next time I open up my e-mail, that will mean that I still have a chance..."


"If I have a message from her within the next 48 hrs then that will mean that she's mad at me, but willing to work things out..."


"If I don't hear from her within the next week, then all chance for rebuilding the M are off..."

Do you see where I'm trying to go with this? Don't set yourself up for dissapointment. Contact will most likely happen, and you should be preparing for it by studying up on some of the ways to reach out to her by meeting her EN's.

Read some of the ideas up in the military section...

If your BN Cdr said you don't need to do a sworn statement, then I'd follow his advice.

You're doing great!!! Just relax and study up on Plan-A and let the investigations happen...

Semper Fi,


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Her, Forgiven

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