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The OMW has contacted me again, saying that things have been aired and she feels that her husband is still lying to her even when he says he's telling her the "truth" about everything. She asked me to explain some of the problems in my marriage, and that she had talked to my WW, so that I shouldn't try to paint myself as a saint.

Certainly not what I expected. I seem to be the one on trial now.

It is not abnormal for a BS to turn the tables and make the other parties the 'bad guys'. She's trying to protect the relationship she (thought) she had, and make it salvageable. It's easier to square the whole A if she can be left with a BH who is somewhat of a victim in her eyes.

Don't let her analysis of your M distract you. You've still given her a heads-up; what she does with that is up to her.

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