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Do you guys really think that if her whole career in the Army (which she's really enjoyed so far, and was looking forward to the future in the Army) is destroyed in the next few weeks\months that she's going to get over that?

First of all, it probably won't be destroyed unless she and OM keep going down the same path they are going. Secondly, if it is destroyed, it is her fault not yours.

Honestly, what would you think is harder to get over, losing your job, or your spouse screwing another person and refusing to cut of all contact? If you can get over her infidelity, I'm POSITIVE she could get over a career setback. If she is not the kind of person that could get over it, then trust me, you a much better off without her. This will be her test of true character to determine whether or not she is still worthy of YOU, not the other way around.

I feel for you man. I wish I could send you a couple of my homebrews to calm you down. The WORST part is always right after exposure. It won't get any worse from here.


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