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Wife has a secret cell phone that she's been using to communicate since I confronted her. I don't have access to those records. But I did inform the command's about it, and gave them the number for it. Can they obtain the records in the course of their investigation?

Also, "I'll never speak to you again" didn't last very long, as it turns out.

Do you think you could do some sleuthing and get access to those records? Who do you think is the carrier for the phone? If she's in a remote area, there usually aren't many available. You know her information. I'm sure you could set up an online account to view or reset her password with what you know. However, it will usually send a text whenever you set up something online or reset a password.

Yes, I know it's an AT&T phone, and she hasn't even set it up for online account access yet. If I set that up, it would send a text message to her phone. That would likely be illegal, and it seems, unethical.

It may be illegal (and it may not be, since you are married), but it is certainly NOT unethical. If I were you and I got home, the first thing I would do when I was in her presence would be to find her affair phone, set up the online account to monitor, and quickly delete the text message. But that's just me. I was monitoring my WW's bank and credit card accounts and after I found the first calling card she purchased to talk to OM from a pay phone so she thought I couldn't track her, she bought another one and threw it away immediately after using it. I still found out because I was checking her purchases and noticed it. I think she gave up trying to get around me at that point. In any mission intelligence is the key.


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