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It may be illegal (and it may not be, since you are married), but it is certainly NOT unethical. If I were you and I got home, the first thing I would do when I was in her presence would be to find her affair phone, set up the online account to monitor, and quickly delete the text message. But that's just me. I was monitoring my WW's bank and credit card accounts and after I found the first calling card she purchased to talk to OM from a pay phone so she thought I couldn't track her, she bought another one and threw it away immediately after using it. I still found out because I was checking her purchases and noticed it. I think she gave up trying to get around me at that point. In any mission intelligence is the key.

You do realize that my home (at fort polk) is not her home (at fort huachuca) right? As in, if she doesn't have a dramatic change of heart in the next 3 months, I may never see her again, or may only see her in a court room\law office.