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You don't think it's too soon for that?

Edit: That is, too early to send an email saying: "I'm not ignoring you, and I do still care about you. I'm always here to listen. How are you doing?"

You know what, it is probably too soon to send the email containing the words, I'm not ignoring you. Instead, just write her something sharing about how your day went or something else. It's email, she doesn't have to read it. However, it indirectly lets her know you aren't ignoring her. Is there a funny story of something that happened today? Just something lighthearted, relationship-free, and hopefully it can somewhat meet the EN of conversation.

Back when I exposed, 90% of the time the first two weeks she was just awful and wanted nothing to do with me, but the other 10% we did talk about stupid stuff. Mostly about TV shows (like Idol or Real World or something I could normally care less about, but I knew would interest her) or gossip. Even when she was totally pissed at me, there were a few things she would talk about. I would search online for gossip and forward something juicy on to her. If she read it, great, she'd probably talk to me about it. If not, no big deal. Or she would want to complain about her job, and I'd just intently listen. This is the time when you need to use the creative part of your brain to find ways to get around the wall and meet her ENs. She's got a wall up. You need to find the weak spot in that wall.


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