I set up the cell phone I got my wife at Christmas to get her email through exchange push, so she receives emails instantly. Still haven't heard anything, I have no idea what she's doing since her last "job" ended on the 20th.

To be honest my WW does tend towards selfishness and self-centeredness. Her big problem at OCS was that she wasn't making any friends, and it was really bothering her, she was calling me crying about no one liking her, she said because she was doing so much better than them. I told her to try to talk about herself less with other people, and ask about them, because she tends to domineer conversations and steer them that way, which turns people off. This turned into, "Great, I tell you what a hard time I'm having and you tell me I'm a jerk!" She was in a vulnerable position to be befriended by OM.

She just wanted you to LISTEN to her. Sympathize w/ her. Not solve her problems.

Your W is young. She has ALOT to learn. Most 25 year olds ARE immature! She will grow and change.