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Stating such, and doing it in a respectful manner, is not forbidden, as far as I know.

Nor is pointing out when what you say contradicts the standard Marriage Builders line, which has worked for many people.

If she returns, however, then approach with caution and maker her earn your trust back.

That sounds like Marriage Builders to me. Are you worried that someone is telling him differently?

This situation puts a real burden on a person's heart. I'm willing to bet Gerk could take his blood pressure and find it abnormally high. Years of that takes it's toll, as I have discovered.

I don't think Marriage Builders recommends spending years in this kind of situation. 3-4 weeks for women, 6 months for men, is standard.

It's also good for Gerka to hear different viewpoints and weigh all his options.

It's also good for him to know when people's viewpoints are not consistent with this program, which has worked for many people.

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If your wife is not on board with MB, some of my posts to other men might help you.