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Gerk, picture this in your head .........

FWH has just found out that family and friends know of the A, from my exposure.

His face is beat red with anger, looks like he is about to pop his lid right off.

One fist is clenched, the other holds a glass of milk.

He starts screaming, ' YOU WILL NOT RUIN MY REPUTATION !!!! '

Then throws the glass of milk at me, his aim is a bit off but I still get some on me.

This is a grown, supposedly mature man. No history of violence.

He is taking a tantrum cuz people know about his sleezy behaviour. He's been caught.

He wouldn't be so irate if he didn't think it was sleezy too.

I'm pretty sure this a lame reaction compared to some WS's, I hope you get the drift.

Does it not bother you to think, "I would never do that." Not the affair, not the lying, not throwing things or getting angry and trying to hurt your spouse. That's what makes it all so shocking for me, is that it's all unfathomable to me. I would never do any of it, and I assumed that this person that I've known for 5 years and spent my life getting to know was pretty similar to me in that way. I'm left wondering just what kind of person she really is, because it doesn't seem like she's the same kind as me.
Absolutely bothered me. Ignoring his crap was one of the hardest things, at that point, I've ever done.
From reading here, I learned to picture him as an alien, sounds so stupid doesn't it.
I kept saying to myself, don't take this personally....... I have to admit that at one point, I just wanted to laugh cuz he
was behaving so childish. I mean, he through milk for crying out loud.

WS's act no different when exposed, than a raccoon cornered in the barn by a bunch of dogs.
I bet my H wouldn't even remember that episode now.

He got over his rage in time. My H is not now, the person that he became while in his A.
He's a better person.

Don't focus so much on what WW is doing or saying now.
Later, after withdrawl, will be the time to assess her actions and words.

You'll understand that more, when the time comes.

You mentioned that you don't deserve this, no, you don't.
Remember, you did not cause your WW's choice to let a third party in.

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