Good Morning Gurka,

You've probably already left for your training this morning... Hope all goes well and eveyone stays safe!

I agree with Vittoria, the FB de-friending is just another way of her lashing out at the ones that she thinks are "taking her fun away"! Deep down, I suspect that your W knows that your parents don't approve of what she's doing and her real reason is that she is ashamed because she knows that she's dissapointed them.

She would never admit to this, but most people want to please their parents and in-laws... If she wasn't ashamed of her actions, or if she truly didn't think her actions were wrong, she would have gladly shared all of the news of the OM with everyone! But she didn' do that... she kept it hidden.

Now that she's been "caught", she doesn't want any "link" to your parents in case they too, try to discuss her immoral behaviour with her... so de-friending your parents is her way of cutting off communications AND it helps ease her guilt (for a little while).

Hi Vittoria - No worries on your comments... I'm just an old-fashioned romantic at heart and I really do have a hard time with well worded, up to date things to say. I liked what you suggested MUCH better! grin

Hey Gurka - They used to have a day spa at Camp Eggers where you could get a massage, manicure or pedicure... you could go there sometime and pamper yourself! hee hee laugh ...that is unless GEN McChrystal kicked them out of theater like he did with the Burger King!

Semper Fi,