... it's certainly counter-intuitive. I'm still sticking to it, because I think it's the best chance I have of saving my marriage, but I'm certainly skeptical.


This is a long, hard road that you're choosing to take, but it CAN work.

Go back to the beggining of this tread and read some of the comments that we've posted regarding HOW your W would react when you exposed... go back and read what some posters even said regarding what her first couple of e-mails would have in them...

We've been where you are and there's really nothing different or "special" in how a WS reacts when the A is exposed. We've seen it, you are living it... I'm not saying that everything will be 100% exactly alike, but I would bet that our past experiences are at least 90-95% similar to what you are and will experience as you travel down this road.

Glad you've decided to stick around for a while! We'll be right here with you every step of the way!

Semper Fi,


Me, BS

Her, Forgiven

Married Dec 86

Multiple A's that ended '90

Rebuilding In Faith since then...

Currently deployed to Iraq, but TEXAS is Home!