I just feel like at soon as I confronted her, she was already gone. It was, "we don't have a marriage to fix, I want out. I'm done. I want a divorce." Immediately upon being confronted.

What she wanted was for you to be kept in the dark while she continued to carry on the A. Once you found out, you began to take the fun out of her A, so she wanted you out of the pic b/c she thought the "fun" of the A would get better again.

But, as she is finding out, the more folks who know about her A the uglier the A got.

Now she is trying to convince those who are important to her that the A never happened... That YOU are nuts, and she is a victim. That's HER plan.

You have a different one.

One that is based in reality and truth.

She may continue to lie about what happen and never give you a chance to recover your M, but then you wouldn't want a wife who couldn't repent of the things she's done, would you?

I have noticed she hasn't blocked your e-mails. She complained when you were ignoring her....in the middle of exposure. She's THREATENED to stop talking to you, but hasn't told you to stop talking to her.

So, just keep doing working your plan.