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Think about your options Jeff.
You could say nothing, and WW would continue to see OM.
The A could die on it's own or the OM could dump your WW. No one but the three of you would know.

I think a more likelier senario would have been Jeff did nothing but try to reason w/ WW until he lost all love her and gave up.

I think that's realistically what was happening. As she wavered between saying she wanted a divorce, our marriage wasn't worth saving, the OM was so wonderful and amazing her best friend AND she wanted to save our marriage, she wanted to live with me again, she wanted a family with me some day, she loves me so much. Getting my hopes up SO high when she would have "good" days, and then having them smashed back down a day or two later was destroying me.

At least this way I'll either save my marriage or I won't, without the OM hopefully there won't be any flip-flopping.