Mrs. Hold has been very caring lately. Not meeting my ENs. But caring in her way. Verbally gentle instead of complaining harshly. Since I am staying in the marriage, I need to forgive her and myself. Not easy. I don't think she will ever meet my ENs. But I have to let her try. Boy, this is going to hurt.

On a happier note, grades for 3rd marking period arrived last Friday. Of a possible 14 grades in academic subjects, S15 and D13 received 8 A+s, 5 As,and 1 A-. Plus we were watching a tv program in which they were discussing teenage pregnancy, and D13 said "I have no interest in boy spit at this time, and when I do, I will not only make him wear a condom but I will take Daddy's advice and completely dip myself in plastic before I let him touch anything."

So I think our parenting is going well and my choice to stay married these past 10 years has been at least partly for the good. Which is why I really have to get back into the marriage game.

When you can see it coming, duck!